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    The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 establishes a zero tolerance standard for the incidence of resident sexual assault and rape; makes prevention of resident sexual assault and sexual harassment a top priority in each corrections facility; develops/implements national standards for the detection, prevention, and punishment of prison rape; increases available data and information of the incidence of incarcerated juvenile sexual assault and sexual harassment; standardizes the definitions used for data collection; increases accountability of corrections officials who fail to detect, prevent, reduce and punish prison rape; and protects the Eighth Amendment rights of incarcerated juveniles.

As per PREA compliance, it is the policy of the Tennessee Valley Juvenile Detention to ensure that sexual activity between staff and juveniles, volunteers or contract personnel and juveniles, regardless of consensual status, is prohibited. Said policy is to ensure that an administrative or criminal investigation (Muscle Shoals Police Department) is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.  

All employees, volunteers and independent contractors are expected to have a clear understanding that the facility strictly prohibits any type of sexual relationship with an individual under facility supervision. Such conduct is considered to be a serious breach of the standards of conduct and these relationships will not be tolerated. Juvenile on juvenile sexual activity, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual conduct and sexual contact as defined in this policy and within the Alabama Revised Code are prohibited.