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ElyJenn Detention  Services


Modern technology has rapidly moved the security industry into the 21st Century. Today we are able to monitor and record our resident’s and staff’s movements at all times.  The expense of technology has been reduced to all time lows, making risk management easier with the right training and leadership. ElyJenn currently employs various types of these technologies.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Remote CCTV for off site viewing by administration, video visitation, telephonic communication monitoring, and electronic supervision of site checks through Guard Check.  Guard check is an electronic tool in which checks are performed and electronically recorded, which requires the staff to be physically present at the time the check is recorded.  Recently, we have incorporated the use of web cameras to enable communications between staff, management, residents and the courts. In conducting cost effective, real time visual communications this eliminates some transportation cost.

Education Service

Our education mission is to ensure each “at risk” student who comes through this facility has the opportunity to advance his or her educational process. Since we have no control over the length of time a student is in our program, it is imperative that we are able to offer access to an educational plan that will best meet the individual needs as well as the State’s Department of Education requirements. We provide a first class educational program utilizing PACE software. With this program we are able to test, evaluate and assign lessons based on actual ability levels. While the average length of stay averages 16 days, we are able to work with students on specific skills sets to improve their overall academic success. 

Our teachers are state certified and the classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology such as the Promethean smart board, Elmo projector, Lenovo Think Pad laptop computers and the latest in text books and instructional materials for grades 1-12. We also provide a GED preparation study and testing for those officially with-drawn from their community school. 
We provide a variety of services 

Our facilities serve the counties by providing a safe and secure detention operation that reduces risks for all the stake holders.  One of our primary missions is risk reduction, we strive to accomplish this in all areas of our operations.  Risk reduction is key to lowering cost, improving living and work conditions and ensuring that compliances with the states license authority, American Correction Association (ACA) and the Prison Rape Elimination Act are in full compliance. 

Video court provides our counties located in the Alabama cost savings by reducing officer overtime in transports, mileage wear on vehicles and maintenance cost, reduces officer's non-productive time by waiting for court to begin and  removes the acting out or attempting to escapes that can take place in the courtroom due to the misbehavior of some juveniles. Video court allows defense attorneys and probation officers to talk to the resident in a confidential and private location prior to the hearing. The advantages of video court provides the resident with privacy before, during and after court, no avenue for entertaining escape ideas and no wasted time for processing in or out of the facility and the safety of not having to travel by vehicle.